Justice First, LLP


Employment Discrimination
Our law firm advocates on behalf of employees who are facing unjust situations in the area of employment. We have represented clients with various types of complaints including discrimination on the basis of race, gender, pregnancy, prior criminal history, and retaliation for filing a discrimination claim. We have successfully challenged many types of employers including large and small companies throughout the state, law enforcement, health care corporations, and government agencies.

Hate crimes
We serve as advocates for victims of hate crime or those who have been subjected to acts of violence because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or other reasons. We employ various strategies in our hate crimes work including advocacy with law enforcement, coalition building, public and media awareness, and civil litigation.

Indigent Criminal Defense
Justice First is committed to the principle that everyone is entitled to a quality lawyer regardless of one’s economic status. Our lawyers represent poor people in their criminal appeals by serving as appointed counsel for the First District Appellate Project, the Sixth District Appellate Program, and Appellate Defenders Inc. Our work in this area includes search and seizure law, due process, the right to competent trial counsel, and juvenile rights. We also provide legal services in post-conviction remedies and reentry legal services.

International Human Rights
While much of our work is domestically focused, we consider ourselves human rights advocates, advancing fundamental rights and freedoms that are internationally recognized. We promote the recognition of international human rights laws as the highest authority to which the United States courts are subject and advance such laws in various areas of our work including employment discrimination, prisoners’ litigation, criminal defense, and human trafficking.

Police Misconduct
We challenge the abuse of authority by law enforcement including unlawful searches and seizures, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, racial profiling, and the use of excessive force. Justice First, LLP is committed to representing individuals who receive discriminatory treatment by the police, particularly on the basis of one’s race or ethnicity.

Prisoners’ Litigation
Justice First is dedicated to the idea that no one should be subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment, even those convicted of crimes. We serve as advocates for prisoners who have suffered various constitutional violations including excessive force, sexual abuse, or harassment by law enforcement, and other inhumane conditions of confinement.


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