Mistakenly Reported as Deceased Transunion

At some point in all our lives, we experience financial and credit troubles. One of the strangest and most unpleasant problems that you will come across at the earliest point in life is when your credit report shows that you are dead. Yes, it sounds incredible, but such cases do happen. Especially, if TransUnion erroneously reports you as deceased, it can really harm your credit history and financial well-being.

How It Could Happen:

  • Data Errors.
  • Errors in identity.
  • System Failure.

That said, the TransUnion credit bureau may mark your account with a death indicator, and this means an entry is created in your credit report stating your death.

Why Is This Important?

The wrong death mark can result in several problems:

  1. Denial of loans and mortgages.
  2. Problems with getting insurance.
  3. Difficulties getting employed, if the employer will verify your credit history.

According to research, every year 2 million Americans are wrongly declared deceased in their credit reports. Over 30 percent of this is because of errors made by credit bureaus like TransUnion.

How to Act in Case of a Wrongful Death Mark

1Contact TransUnion: The first step is to get in touch with TransUnion and report the error.
2Providing the Necessary Documents: You may need documents to confirm your identity and the fact that you are alive.
3Examining Changes: After correcting the error, it is important to monitor your credit report to ensure that the error does not come back.

What to Do If the Problem Is Not Resolved?

In case TransUnion has labeled you as deceased wrongfully and the situation does not improve, it is mandatory that you seek professional legal assistance. Lawyers with a focus on credit and consumer rights can assist you in defending your rights and putting your finances in order.

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If you find yourself in a situation where TransUnion thinks you’re dead, don’t panic but don’t ignore the problem either. It’s important to act quickly and effectively to minimize the negative consequences. You can solve this problem by yourself, but if you turn to our lawyers, we will 100% solve your problem quickly, free of charge, and to your benefit. We are ready to provide you with the necessary support and legal assistance. Contact us today to start restoring your financial status and your credit history.